Technology Services

Andrew Korff

Technology Director

Amy Yamashiro

Data Coordinator

Carlos Pedraza

Technology Assistant

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The Kentfield School District is committed to educating our students with 21st century skills. Teachers and technology staff work together to produce project-based lessons that focus on a student's critical thinking skills and individual expression.

Technology Usage Policies and Agreements

The District has issued guidelines to staff that seek to maintain the privacy of our community members. As part of the annual registration process, parents can allow or disallow publication of information concerning their family.

Technology Overview

Technology Planning

In 2007 and 2010, the Technology Use Group revised and the Board of Trustees approved the District's comprehensive Technology Use Plan. Until 2013, the Technology Use Plan provided the road map for the integration of technology in our curriculum. During the 2013-2014 school year, it was decided that technology planning items would be folded into the overall District Strategic Plan. The planning and implementation of technology components are now reviewed annually as part of the overall strategic planning process.

Classroom Use of Technology and Student Privacy

In 2017, the District polled teachers and compiled a list of all the apps and websites we use in the classroom that require students to log in. These apps and websites comply with the Federal COPPA law, established to protect the privacy of internet users under the age of 13. See our Online Apps and Websites for more information and download the list of approved websites apps used in the District.

Technology FAQs

Some quick facts about the technology program in the District:

  • Every classroom in the District has been provided with a flat panel display, iPad and Front Row audio system.
  • Technical support is provided by a District-wide Technology Coordinator and Technology Aides at each school site, who also assist teachers with lesson planning and with classroom projects.
  • Not counting staff computers, there are over 1,300 computers and mobile devices used for classroom instruction at the District's two schools, in a mix of Apple iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, and Chromebooks.
  • Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, Kentfield School District provided students access to 3D printers, a laser cutter, and electronics tools in enrichment and core classes.
  • Information literacy skills are introduced to students at each grade level with instruction coordinated between library and classroom teachers.
  • The District subscribes to several online research databases for the use of our teachers and students. These are described in more detail at the Kent Library and Bacich Library websites.