February 28, 2019

Dear Kentfield Community,

Our weather challenges continued apace this week. While it's never acceptable to complain about rain in California, I think we can all at least agree with this sentiment: "Rain, you win!"

My defeated feelings are merely due to the inconvenience of wet feet, wet clothes, and reports of leaks showing up in new and familiar locations, but it is our teachers, staff and maintenance workers who are suffering the adverse effects of this wet winter. And, students are none too pleased with being unable to play outside day after day.

In spite of the frayed nerves, new and engaging ways to occupy students are created, repairs are done to roofs that lose their shingles in the wind, and students keep their noses to the grindstone.

I truly appreciate how hard everyone is working to make the best of this damp situation, and look forward to more frequently being startled by sunlight as I was when it streamed through my window this morning.

Enjoy your weekend,

Liz Schott