January 30, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when three fifth grade students arrived in my office during their lunch time to interview me for the Kent yearbook as I wind down my tenure as Superintendent of the Kentfield School District. Interacting with them and pondering their questions was the latest in a seemingly endless stream of reality checks about how quickly this year is passing.

One of their questions was about my favorite job in education. I readily answered “Principal” as I always do when asked this question. And then I qualified it by saying it was my best and my hardest job. One of my interviewers noted that it’s like that sometimes: the hardest tasks are the most rewarding. I went on to explain that what made being a principal great was how much time I got to spend with students, something that is tougher to come by as superintendent.

Another question was about my biggest goof and I recalled the Valentine’s Day power outage of 2019. Even these three remembered that event and we shared a painful chuckle over how wrong that day went.

They asked what I was looking forward to in retirement, and I explained that although I’m leaving Kentfield, I’m not retiring, although the path ahead is not yet clearly defined.

I was delighted by our conversation about engineering and soccer and French and it was over all too quickly, much like these past seven years.

Liz Schott