March 14, 2019

Board Meeting Highlights – March 12, 2019

The Kent Mathematics department presented its Middle School Curriculum Exploration and Adoption Process to the Board. The team – Jill Klima, Cassie Hettleman, Tim Lentini, and Brad Widelock – outlined the work they have done this year to identify a new math program for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Of the five publishers the team has hosted, two will be selected for piloting next year. A rubric developed by the teachers will be used to evaluate each program and a selection will be made at this time next school year.

First and second grade students* and their teachers, Janeen Swan, Lisa Cicurel-Jones, Cass Walsh, and Marty Ross, delighted the Board with their presentation of Reading Workshop. First graders described learning about the world through their study of non-fiction books including one about dogs rescuing people from drowning and another about dolphins. Second graders demonstrated ways they are becoming experts about the world through their study of books on topics such as stars, frogs, and sharks. The progression of skills acquisition was evident, and the students’ love of reading and talking about their reading was obvious.

English Learner Coordinator and English Language Development (ELD) teacher Amber Hatfield updated the Board on the district’s programs for second language learners. We currently have 51 language learners at Bacich and 21 at Kent. In addition, there are 16 Bacich students and 58 Kent students who have already graduated from ELD services and who are designated proficient in English. Kudos to these students for a huge accomplishment! The district will be celebrating these students at a ceremony on May 21, 2019 in the evening. Parents of English Learners meet regularly to learn about their children’s programs, get support with topics like conferences and registration, and provide input on our Strategic Plan and LCAP. These ELAC and DELAC meetings are noticed in the district’s weekly newsletter and further information about the program can be found on the helpful ELD website (

* While we previously published the names of student presenters at Board Meetings, recent amendments to policy prohibit us from doing so since these highlights are public record.

Liz Schott