October 3, 2019

For the past three years, the first day of school has been the Tuesday after Labor Day to accommodate the construction being done on both campuses. Now that construction is complete, many questions are being asked about next year’s calendar. While many people enjoy the post-Labor Day start, for others it is a hardship, and even those who like the later start may not be so happy about the shortened February break.

This is the process in our district by which a calendar is approved: staff and district administration meet in October to collaboratively develop a draft calendar; the Kentfield Teachers Association takes this draft to its membership for ratification; and, finally, the Board of Trustees votes on the union-approved calendar.

The Board would like to get input from the community on which scenario is preferred:

  1. Start school after Labor Day and lose three days from the February break, or
  2. Start school a week before Labor Day and have a five-day February break.

Register your opinion by completing this brief survey by October 22nd. Thank you for your input.

Liz Schott