October 24, 2019

Last week, a group of 41 teachers, parents, and staff worked together for two days to develop broad ideas for strategic goals that will guide the Kentfield School District for the next several years. There is work yet to be done to transform these bold ideas into action steps, and your input will be solicited along the way. Opportunities to weigh in, either in person or electronically, will be announced in this newsletter in the coming weeks and months. Meetings of the School Site Councils, District English Language Advisory Committee, Board committees such as Finance, Communication and Safety, the KSPTA, and others will have time set aside for reviewing drafts of the Strategic Plan and soliciting your reactions.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to thank every one of the participants in last week’s planning meeting for devoting two days of their busy lives to this important work. Your dedication to this process has ensured that a meaningful guide for our district’s near future is at hand.

Liz Schott