October 25, 2019

Dear KSD Families and Staff,

PGE is saying that it is likely that most of Marin County will lose power this weekend due to high winds that are expected to start about 6:00 p.m. Saturday and continue through Monday at noon. Power shutoffs are expected to begin around noon tomorrow. If the winds stop by noon on Monday, inspections of lines will begin at that time but it may take several days to restore power.

86,813 customers - including Bacich and Kent - are expected to be impacted. It is possible that cell phones, texting and email capabilities may be limited or unavailable. If there is no power at Bacich and Kent on Sunday afternoon, we will follow our protocol and not open school on Monday. I will send out a message with this information through all possible means - phone, text, email - and we will put signs on the doors of the schools. Conversely, if we have power, I will let you know that.

Please refer to our October 24 newsletter and website for more information on preparing for and responding to a power shutdown.

Liz Schott