Immunization Requirements

The California School Immunization Law requires that all children receive a series of immunizations before entering school. The law requires schools to enforce immunization requirements and to maintain immunization records of all children enrolled. Schools are required to submit reports to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on the immunization status of all students at the existing checkpoints of child care, kindergarten, and 7th grade.

Parents must obtain a record of immunizations from their child's doctor and submit it to one of the school offices before the student will be allowed to attend classes.

As of January 1, 2016, SB 277 will:

  • No longer permit immunization exemptions based on personal beliefs for children in child care, public and private schools;
  • Permit personal belief exemptions submitted before January 1, 2016 to remain valid until a pupil reaches kindergarten or 7th grade;
  • Allow medical and personal beliefs exemptions for any NEW immunization requirement initiated by CDPH for attendance at school or child care.
  • Remove immunization requirements for:
    • Students in home-based private schools
    • Students enrolled in an independent study program who do not receive classroom-based instruction
    • Allow access to special education and related services specified in an individualized education program

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School Requirements:

Marin County Health and Human Services

If you have further questions, please contact School Nurse Laurel Yrun, R.N. at one of the school offices: (415) 925-2220 for Bacich, or (415) 458-5970 for Kent or by email at