Kentfield School District Student Registration

Welcome to the Kentfield School District!

Kentfield School District’s mission is to inspire and challenge all students to live, learn, and lead to their fullest potential.

Kentfield School District is currently transitioning our student information system from PowerSchool to Aeries. All new registrations for the 2018-2019 school year will be processed through Aeries Online Enrollment

Before registering your new student, please follow the following links for more information:

District Boundaries - please confirm that your child should attend Kentfield Schools before beginning the registration process

Bacich Elementary School - School Tours | Transitional Kindergarten | Kindergarten

Kent Middle School - School Tours

To register your student in the Kentfield School District:

1. Complete the online enrollment form

Create an account using Aeries Online Enrollment.

You must have a valid email address. If you do not have one, Google and other vendors provide free accounts.
You may need to use a computer to complete this process. The Online Enrollment System does not work as well with mobile or notebook devices.

2. Schedule an appointment

At the end of the online enrollment form, after you press “Finish and Submit,” click on the link to the appointment calendar to schedule an appointment.

3. Ensure that you have all required documentation

a. Student's birth certificate, passport, or other proof of birthdate.

b. Student's current immunization record, filled out and signed by the student's physician.

  • The California School Immunization Law requires that all children receive a series of immunizations before entering school. The law requires schools to enforce immunization requirements and to maintain immunization records of all children enrolled. Schools are required to submit reports to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on the immunization status of all students at the existing checkpoints of child care, kindergarten, and 7th grade. Please note that students entering 7th or 8th grade must have documentation of a Tdap (whooping cough) immunization.
  • Marin County Health and Human Services: Immunization Program | Immunization Clinics | Information in Spanish
  • If you have further questions about immunizations, please contact School Nurse Cammi Bell, R.N. at (415) 925-2220 for Bacich, (415) 458-5970 for Kent, or by email at

c. Documentation of your residency within the District boundaries.

  • Kentfield School District policy (BP 5111.1(b)) requires all students to demonstrate proof of residence within the Kentfield School District. California Government Code (sections 243 and 244) defines residency as the location where a person lives/sleeps/domiciles. There can be only one primary residence.
  • As part of the registration process, a District Affidavit of Proof of Residency and supporting documents must be filed by the family of any student who is either
    • entering the District (Kindergarten or any other grade) either for the first time, or after a leave from the District, or
    • entering the 5th grade at Kent Middle School (including those students matriculating from Bacich 4th grade to Kent 5th grade)
  • If you are registering over the summer and the school office is closed, forms can be filed at the District Office at 750 College Avenue in Kentfield.
  • Supporting documents include:
    • Category I (provide TWO of the following): PG&E Statement / Current Lease Agreement / Most recent income tax return
    • Category II (provide ONE of the following): Cable Bill / Water Bill / Garbage Bill
    • Category III: Valid Government Issued Identification
  • If you have any questions regarding these residency requirements, please contact the District Office at (415) 458-5130.

4. Bring ALL required documents and your online enrollment confirmation to your enrollment appointment at the school office. You must have all your documents, including proof of required immunizations, in order to enroll your student.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bacich Elementary School (entering Grades TK through 4)

Kent Middle School (entering Grades 5 through 8)

Registration includes student placement testing for Math and Language Arts.

District Office (only in July, when school campuses are closed for the summer.)

Registration Forms